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Guest House Ministry

Although simple, having a place to recharge often seems so elusive to those involved in ministry. Doane Rest provides a breath of fresh air for missionaries and pastors (along with their spouses and children) that simply need time alone with God, with their families, or with themselves. Our guests come from numerous ministries, such as church planting, orphanages, youth ministries, midwife services, vocational services, and more. We are honored to serve so many of Christ’s servants.

Doane Rest provides a peaceful place of rest for hundreds Christian workers every year.

Students in the Philippines are often so bright and cheerful. They need to hear about the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Teacher Training

Over 30 million children under the age of 14 live in the Philippines. As teachers by trade, we have a strong desire to see these children led to Christ. The only possible way to do this is through training other Christian teachers, both local and foreign, to do their best teaching. We believe as we train teachers to do their best teaching, these teachers will be positioned to tell their students about Christ.

Currently, we are not fully supported as missionaries. This limits our time considerably. Still, we look forward to the day that we can focus on training Christian teachers. Pray with us, and if God would lead you, please partner in our ministry!

Local Outreaches

Right now, we also take part in many different ministries and outreaches around Baguio City and in nearby provinces. Whether it be a Bible study, a feeding program, or a local event, we take time to involve ourselves with the local community and show people the love of Christ.

Some of our favorite times are spent joining families and friends for meals. Evanie has many relatives that live nearby, and this gives us unique ministry opportunities as we can be both “in” the culture and “apart.”