Current Monthly Support

(as of 3/28/2024)

Help provide rest to over 1,500 missionaries and pastors yearly.

Allow us to travel and train Christian teachers around the Philippines.

Have an impact in our city through kids clubs.

Help us reach our full monthly support! With 50 more partners at $75 a month, we can be fully supported!

Ongoing Support for Monthly Expenses

As missionaries in the Philippines, your dollar goes a LONG way! Any monthly amount is a blessing to our monthly ABWE ministry needs, providing rest to missionaries, training Christian teachers, and ministering to local children.

ABWE account #: 0170451

Contribute to Current Needs

One-time gifts to our ministry with ABWE not only support our monthly living expenses but also enable us to minister more outside our normal ministry opportunities.

All ABWE donations are tax-deductible.