Bryant Missions

Baguio, Benguet, Philippines
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Guest House Ministry

Currently, we are blessed to be managers at a missionary guest house In Baguio, Philippines. For those serving the Lord through pastoring, missionary work, church planting, and other methods, we know those in the ministry need a break at times, and we desire to provide a restful environment for them and their families. As we are able to minister to ministers of the Gospel, we are blessed to have a very small part in helping many ministries succeed.

Teacher Training

Our ultimate mission once we are fully supported is to train local Christian Filipino teachers to effectively teach their students. We believe teachers have a tremendous influence on their students, and if those teachers can be empowered to educate their students effectively, those students in turn can be exposed to the Gospel. Through offering training to teachers, we desire to reach the millions of children in the Philippines who don’t know Christ.

Proudly Serving as ABWE Missionaries

ABWE is a conservative Baptist missions agency that has been serving for over 90 years and is in over 70 countries. We strive to follow Christ’s command to make disciples among all the nations.

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